Essay about Troy

Counseling, is the assistance and guidance in resolving issues.It is something that is helpful to a lot of people as well as beneficial.In the play fences by August Wilson,he tries to show how the protagonist is affecting the families relationship as well as tries to improve it.Even Though the maxson's family love each other,the family should consider counseling because it will help them become more responsible and more grateful. Counseling for this family will make them be more organized and functional.
Troy needs counseling in order to be more liable and trustworthy.As an example the play fences states on page 73,act two ,line 16 “ That ain’t what I mean . . . and you know it. I want to know if you’re coming straight home after work.”Obviously Rose wants Troy to come straight home but Troy is making excuse so he does not have to come straight home.Troy is not responsible because he does not know how to tell his family the truth.As you can see later in the play he says how he is going to cash his check and then hangout with Taylor and the boys and then says he is going to the hospital to see Alberta.Troy does not know how to tell his family the truth which is destroying the relationship.So if the family gets counseling their relationship can be more healthy since it can guide Troy to the right path.This is important because considering counseling would mean that Troy probably would not have to lie for his actions and will lead to him being a better role model for his children and it also shows that he is responsible for making this decision.For example the play also states on page 74,act two ,line 28 “ I ain’t told them nothing of the kind.”Clearly Troy is lying because it shows on the paper how he told them to take Gabe.Troy is not trustworthy as you can tell he can’t own up to his own words.Troy is not responsible he is a coward for not admitting what he did even though there is proof .Counseling will show Troy why being liable is important in relationships without it there is no trust which means that most likely there will be no relationship.Since Troy had a messed childhood he lacks the ability to be responsible so need help which he can obtain with counseling.As a result Troy is not responsible but he loves his family.
The Maxson’s family desire each other.As an example on page 33,lines 15-16,act one, the play states“I’ll tell you what . . . you get you a hundred dollars and I’ll put the other hundred with it.”Obviously Troy does not have the money to buy a tv.Troy is willing to help his son buy a tv.This is important because it shows how Troy loves and cares for his by helping him get something that he can’t afford or need.If Troy didn’t love his son then he would not have to the point in which he will pay half the price if he pays the other half.In summary the Maxson’s family desire one another,however the isn’t appreciative and should seek guidance.
Counseling is needed in the Maxson family in order to obtain appreciation.For example on page 35,lines 17-18 the play states “ You damn right you are! And ain’t no need for nobody coming around here to talk to me about signing nothing.”Obviously Troy is refusing to sign permission papers so his son could go off and play football.Cory does not understand exactly why Troy is making this decision.Counseling can help Cory understand that Troy wants the best of him.Troy does not want his son to turn out how he did or failing later in life.He wants his son to focus on what’s important because it will help succeed.This is important because with counseling Cory will be able to recognize the truth for why Troy refused to sign the papers which was to prevent failure if football doesn’t work out for him just like how it didn’t for himself.
As Cory grows up he can grateful for not wasting his time on sports.As an example on page 87 lines 22-24 the play states “ It ain’t your yard. You took Uncle Gabe’s money he got from the Army to buy this house.”Cleary Cory is unappreciative and does not understand exactly what Troy did.Troy buying the house with Gabes money provided a roof over everybody in the family including Gabe.This is important because Cory probably didn’t know the exact condition of Gabes health.If he did he would realize that Troy bought the house because he cared for his brother by buying the house he was able to provide shelter as well as care for his brother since they lived in the same house.Since Troy and Cory do not have these one to one conversations counseling is the best way to go to express and explain their thoughts rather than assuming or guessing.Also so Cory can realize that Troy was trying his best to provide for the family.As a result guidance and demonstration is needed in order to achieve appreciation.
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